Historical Information

Historical Overview
A brief history of Grossdeutschland.

Historical Chronology
A detailed timeline of battles and movements

Formation Assignments
Listing of formations Division GD was assigned to

GD in France
Historical overview

GD Campaign Map

Weather Chart - GD Front

GD in the USSR 1941
Historical overview and maps

GD in the USSR 1942
Historical overview and maps

GD in the USSR 1943
Historical overview and maps

GD in 1944
Historical overview and maps

Casualty Figures

A listing of books and references regarding Grossdeutschland.

GD's Vehicles

Tank Strengths

GD's Medium Tanks

GD's Tiger Tanks

GD's Panther Tanks

GD's Armoured Cars

Tiger Tank Tactics

Orders of Battle - Divisional

Infantry Regiment GD 1941

Infantry Division GD 1942

PzGren Division GD 1943

Orders of Battle - Sub Units

3. PzFüsRgt 30 June 1943

1. StuG Abt. 25 Apr 1944

Officer Roster - I. Panzer Regiment August 1944

Officer Roster and ages - II. Panzer Regiment Nov 1944


Knight's Cross Holders
Photos and info on all soldiers awarded Germany's highest awards for bravery while serving with Grossdeutschland.

Partial list of all divisional and regimental commanders.

The Frontovik
A treatise on the Russian soldier of WW II.

GUY SAJER: The Forgotten Soldier
True story of a GD soldier? These articles examine the book in detail.


Unteroffizier Albert Bertsch
Signals Battalion
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Gefreiter Walter Thomaschek
Armoured Reconaissance  Battalion
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Panzerschütze Helmüt Maier
Anti-Tank Battalion
psch.gif (1155 bytes)

Gefreiter Heinz Klostermeyer
Grenadier Regiment
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Knight's Cross Winners

Graf Strachwitz
Commander of Panzer Regiment "Grossdeutschland"
pcol.gif (1284 bytes)

Heinz von Brese-Winiary
Commander of Panzer Füsilier Regiment "Grossdeutschland"
oberf.gif (1373 bytes)

Peter Frantz
Highly decorated assault gun commander
stmaj.gif (1258 bytes)

Wilhelm Wegener
Ace Assault Artillery Commander
ob.gif (1216 bytes)

Otto-Ernst Remer
Hitler-faithful who rose to high command.
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GD Vehicle Markings
GD specific info on vehicle markings.

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