Rank Insignia
Enlisted Men - Construction and Wear

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Like collar insigna, Enlisted Men's rank insignia changed from being mounted on dark green backings to field grey backings as the war progressed.

"Ober-" rank stars, as shown above, were produced on (from left) dark green cloth, then field grey as the dark green cloth was phased out during the war, as well as on tan for the tropical uniform, and on herringbone twill (HBT) material for the reed green denim summer uniform.

A black version of this insignia was also produced for the AFV crew uniform.

The "Ober" pip was worn on the left sleeve (only) of field blouses, greatcoats and full dress uniforms.

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Standard NCO's lace (tress) was used in the construction of rank chevrons; it came in shiny and subdued.  At middle is an Obergefreiter's chevron in shiny tress on dark green, at right subdued tress on field grey.   At left, tress with a black strip run down each side; there was some variation in tress styles also, some (especially on rank chevrons) had dark green or black stripes run along the edges.

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NCO chevrons were also located on the left sleeve, just above the elbow.

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A metal pip is used on this badge to indicate the rank of Stabsgefreiter.

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Some rank chevrons were made of special-purpose lace which had a dark green edge woven into it.
NCO's rank lace with a dark stripe on the edges - sewn here to a piece of green herringbone twill, as worn on the summer uniform. gefhbt.jpg (40350 bytes)